… We all need inspiration. It can come from a word, a paragraph in a book, a painting, a poem, a song, in short: from numerous things. But it only takes effect when you’re ready for it.
Albert Ayler

We found our inspiration.
In music.
Or to be more precise: in jazz.

And because the lively Cologne jazz and improvised music scene (just take a look at our links…!) has no publishing house devoted exclusively to jazz, we founded one. Here and now: buddy`s knife jazzedition. The first books were “signs on the road” by Henry Grimes and “who owns music?” by William Parker. The series will continue with cooperative ventures with authors and musicians who have something to say that expresses both their knowledge and their passion for. We will develop inspired, intelligent, straight-talking manuscripts that focus on the world of jazz in all of its many facets. We publish literature, scholarly articles, reviews, jazz poetry and collections of articles on jazz and related music. Our office is located in Cologne´s colorful “Südstadt”, at Teutoburger Strasse 17. In summer you will find our office doors wide open and the sound of John Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme” filling the air outside, Albert Ayler’s “Holy Ghost” startling passers-by, or William Parker’s and Hamid Drake’s “Piercing The Veil” building bridges between East and West.