“silent solos – improvisers speak” presents the creative expressions of 50 accomplished and internationally known avant-garde jazz musicians. Within, are spiritual expressions, sensuous encounters, homage to and remembrance of past heroes, homespun homilies, and pithy manifestos from several of our most creative artists sharing a common characteristic: dedication to their craft. “silent solos” features the written artistry of: David Amram, Harrison Bankhead, Lewis Barnes, David Budbill, Katie Bull, Chris Chalfant, Jay Clayton, Leena Conquest, Cooper-Moore, Jayne Cortez, Connie Crothers, Marc Edwards, Bruce Eisenbeil, Avram Fefer, Floros Floridis, Joel Futterman, Charles Gayle, Alan Bernard Glover, Doug Hammond, Gunter Hampel, Jason Kao Hwang, Joseph Jarman, Terry Jenoure, Lee Konitz, Peter Kowald, Oliver Lake, Yusef Lateef, Joёlle Léandre, Elliott Levin, David Liebman, Joe Maneri, Sabir Mateen, Nicole Mitchell, Ras Moshe, Roy Nathanson, Bern Nix, William Parker, Matana Roberts, Larry Roland, Matthew Shipp, Catherine Sikora, Warren Smith, Lisa Sokolov, Steve Swell, John Tchicai, Ijeoma Thomas, Oluyemi Thomas, Assif Tsahar, David S. Ware, and Henry P. Warner, with an incisive foreword by George E. Lewis. “silent solos” is dynamically illustrated by Wuppertal’s fine artist, Jorgo Schäfer, with his blueprint#1.

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